Top 3 Halloween Decor Trends You Need to Know in 2020

Spooky season is almost upon us, so it's time to sink your fangs into some scary-good Halloween decor ideas. Wondering what Halloween trends 2020 has in store? We'll give you all the gruesome details on the new decor styles, including the holographic elements of Mystical, the neon brights of Color-Pop, and the traditional textures of Rustic. Turn the lights off, lock the monster in the closet, and read on...

Mystical Halloween Decor

This is a bewitching trend, characterized by moody, shimmering colors and quirky, contemporary ornaments. Metallics and holographic tones make stylish geometric designs more magical. Moons and stars feature heavily for a celestial look. Playful accents include Tarot cards and crystal balls - they make ideal table centerpieces for your Halloween party.

Conjure up some mystical Halloween vibes and get the party started! You'll be a modern-day witch with your spellbinding decor.

Color-Pop Halloween Decor

This trend takes things back to the 80s, with lots of neon colors and crazy costumes! It's all about getting silly and having fun with your Halloween decor; it's a kid-friendly trend too.

Brighten up your home with some personalized Halloween signs, like this one in eye-catching acid colors or this retro Halloween sign in ghoulish green and purple. Then go wild and decorate your rooms with hot pink skeletons, slime green ghosts, and fluorescent pumpkins.

Rustic Halloween Decor

For homes already decked out in the farmhouse style, this trend is perfect. The key elements are texture and traditional colors; think woven straw, lace, and embroidery in monochrome, orange, and purple.

Carved pumpkins, rustic baskets, bunting, and friendly scarecrows all bring this trend to life. Try grouping your fall squash in baskets on your porch and hang up some black-and-orange burlap bunting. This personalized pumpkin Halloween wall art will be the frightful finishing touch.

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