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Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Dad this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and that means that it’s time to think about finding the perfect Father's Day gift. There are the cliched gifts like a new tie or a set of golf clubs, and while some Dads may appreciate that, we know lots who would rather have something else. So instead of getting Dad the same old, same old this year get him something unique and interesting! One of our custom or novelty signs will make a perfect gift for him.

Let’s take a look at some cool gift ideas for this Father’s Day.

Gifts for Fathers Who Like to Golf

If your Dad likes to golf, we have some great, custom signs that will make awesome Father's Day gifts. These novelty signs address some of the funnier aspects of golfing, and will look great hanging up in any home, garage or office. Our signs are built to last and you won’t have to worry about them falling apart after a year or two outside.

Custom Bar Signs for Dad

Does your Dad enjoy drinking with friends, and does he have his own bar somewhere like the basement or garage? We have a large selection of cool bar signs which can be personalized with your Dad’s name. These bar signs are great creative Father's Day gifts because they’re unique and they’re the type of gift that any Dad would enjoy getting. In addition to the customizable bar signs, we also have man cave signs. These signs are perfect for any Dad who might not have a bar, but does have his own area in the garage or anywhere else around the house. Your Dad will surely appreciate getting one of these personalized signs with his own name on it.

Sports Signs

Is your Dad a sports fan? Whether he likes hockey, baseball or football, we have a wide variety of sports themed signs that make great gifts for fathers day. These signs can be customized with your Dad’s name which really gives them all a very unique feel. Also, if your Dad is more interested in outdoor activities than sports, we have different types of hunting and fishing novelty signs. These will be great for any Dad who looks forward to getting out the fishing rod or rifle when the season rolls around.

Personalized Office and Hobby Signs

If you don’t see anything else above that you think will be right for your Dad, you may want to consider one of our office or hobby signs. These signs are perfect for a wide variety of different job types, everything from a doctor to a lawyer. Further, all the signs can be personalized with your Dad’s name which will give them an individual appeal. Your Dad will be sure to appreciate a sign like this that he can hang up in his office, and that will remind him of you every time he sees it. Don’t buy Dad a tie ever again. Instead, get one of our signs and give him an awesome Father's Day gift that he’ll have for a lifetime!

Finally, how about a one-of-a-kind sign exclusively designed just for him?  Does he have a favorite car that he would love to have memorialized in a sign?  We can do that for you for a minimal design fee. Our custom signs can be designed to feature any car of your choice and will be perfect for any father who has a favorite car. Just contact us with the particulars and let us do our magic!

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How to Personalize Your Valentine’s Day Gift And Skip The Cliches

No matter how much you love your significant other, choosing a Valentine’s Day gift can be incredibly daunting. You want a gift that says everything you feel: your favorite things about them, how happy you are to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them, and, of course, how much you love them. After weeks of thinking and fretting, many of us usually resort to looking through the mass-produced cards at our local drug store for a meaningful message.

Fortunately, a personalized gift is a romantic and touching alternative. Below, we’ve collected some ideas for choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day present for home, office, or fun. Skip the clichés this year and say exactly what you mean with a personalized Valentine’s Day gift.

Customize A Gift That Speaks To Their Personality

Personalized gifts work so well for Valentine’s Day because they allow you to celebrate exactly what you love about your partner. You can deliver a unique message or personalized item that speaks directly to their personality. At Fun Sign Factory, we have a wide variety of custom signs, from beachy to man cave to athletic, to decorate any room as your loved one’s inner happy place. Many are also designed specifically for couples or families.

Celebrate Their Passions With Themed Custom Gifts

When choosing a Valentine’s Day gift, it’s helpful to remember your loved one’s personal passions. Most weekend hobbies or after-work pursuits require equipment, accessories, or come with merchandise. Go one step further to personalize one of these gifts to make it not just special, but one-of-a-kind. Fun Sign Factory can make custom signs to celebrate almost anything your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend enjoys – from cars to camping to horses to home bartending.

Thank Them For What They Do Every Day

Your loved one’s job can be a source of inspiration for meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts. One smart idea is to choose home décor that will thank them for their work, customized with their name, to remind them every day when they get up why they do what they do. You can also get your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend a professional accessory to add a homey, loving touch to their office. At Fun Sign Factory, we have signs for firefighters and police officers, pilots, veterinarians, barbers, artists, and much more.

Don’t Forget Love-Themed Gifts

It’s Valentine’s Day, after all – a time to celebrate love itself. Why not make use of your anniversary or other important dates in your relationship with a love-themed gift? Fun Sign Factory offers options for couples to display their names and their most significant shared moments on elegant red wall décor. For inspiration, consider one of our popular new items below, which includes interlocking hearts and a romantic quote.

Got Something Completely Original?

Maybe you’ve got your own idea for a Valentine’s gift that will speak to your loved one in a completely unique way. Fun Sign Factory’s designers are available to help you realize your personal design. We can create a completely customized sign based on your first date, a favorite anniversary event, a shared inside joke – anything you can think of that will bring a smile to your significant other’s face.

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5 Signs That Will Make The Perfect Home Theater Before The Oscars

With the Academy Awards just around the corner, now is the time to get your home movie theater spruced up and ready for viewing parties. You take care of the seating, screen, and snacks, and we'll take care of the decor. Below are several options for adding a classy personalized touch to your home theater in a variety of styles.  There are many more in our Custom Home Theater section.

You can customize any of the lines of text in the signs featured below. Add your name and place it at the entrance of your home movie theater, or add the name of your favorite film buff and give it as a thoughtful, personalized gift.

1. Old Hollywood Charm In Classic Silver

The first Academy Awards took place in 1929, in the early days of the "talkies." Our Charlie Chaplin custom home theater sign will instill old school Hollywood charm into your home theater and bring your guests back to the glamorous days of the silver screen. This home theater decor features an illustration of Charlie Chaplin, an instant reminder of silent film's bygone days (and in fact a recipient of an honorary award at the original Academy Awards ceremony). The custom sign also displays your name or a word of your choice in a retro font, with a camera, director's clapboard, and film strip.

2. Colorful Marquee For The Excitement Of Movie Night Out

Give your Oscars party guests all the excitement of a movie night out in Hollywood right in your own home theater. Our colorful marquee personalized sign has a bold, colorful design that recalls the glitz and excitement of movie premieres and red carpet events. You can customize the name of your home theater and marquee text, which is surrounded by a glamorous neon lights illustration.

3. Retro Movie-Going Fun

Maybe you're hoping to re-create the movie-going experience in your home theater. This "Enjoy the Show" personalized sign will give your home movie theater a professional feel. The clever illustration recalls retro movie openers at the theater, with red curtains, neon lettering and dancing popcorn, clapboard, and movie ticket illustrations. This retro customized decor will make your home theater the place to catch up on Oscar-nominated movies this year before the awards ceremony.

4. Bring Your Audience Behind The Scenes

A major element of the Academy Awards is celebrating what happens behind the scenes. You can focus on the magic of movie making with a personalized director's chair sign, elegantly designed with a film reel, megaphone and gold background. When your audience arrives and spots this personalized home theater sign, they'll immediately feel the energy of action on a movie set. And of course, you're the director of you own home theater, so what better way to take credit for your work?

5. Design For Drama And Elegance

Maybe you're looking for a more subdued, elegant look, especially in preparation for the stately Academy Awards. In that case, it's important to look for richer colors and classic themes. Our stage play personalized home theater sign delivers exactly this tasteful look. Your custom name appears in gold font inside a swooping crescent, beside a pair of drama masks and placard, all in front of a luxurious red theater curtain. Whether for an Oscars party or any movie gathering, this home theater decor will provide a professional look that guests will love as much as the screening itself.

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11 Simple Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

The holidays are over and it’s time to think about packing up the festive decor you so carefully placed throughout your home. If you have a plan, you can keep this process as painless as possible and make it easier to get your holiday decorations out again next season.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 1: Get Rid of the Old and Worn

Unless there is some serious sentiment behind an old item, it is best to clean out anything that is looking worn or used up. Getting rid of items that have outlived their functionality and beauty will prevent a build-up of decor and free up space for new decorations.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 2: Organize with Upcycling

Upcycle items like toilet paper and paper towel tubes to organize and protect small holiday decorations. Power cords can be wrapped and inserted in a tube while smaller ornaments can be tucked inside with the ends folded.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 3: Invest in Some Plastic Totes

Since you will save and use holiday decorations year after year, it is best to invest in some plastic totes. Cardboard can rip and won’t hold up if they come in contact with moisture. Plastic bags can also easily tear open. Plastic totes are sturdy and can last for years! Some retailers even sell red and green seasonal colors so they are easier to identify.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 4: Put Everything Away Clean

Dust off your holiday decorations before you put them away. The cleaner they are, the better they will look next year. As long as they are stored in a sturdy container, they should need minimal prep work next time around.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 5:  Store Similar Items Together

Rather than stuffing everything in the same container, try to organize items so similar decorations are together. For example, novelty holiday signs can be wrapped and placed flat in a box with other signs, plaques and similar flat objects. Fragile, lightweight ornaments like Christmas balls can be placed together while heavier fragile items like ceramic ornaments can be stored in a separate container to prevent smashing.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 6: Use Wreath Containers

Keep your Christmas wreathes looking full and beautiful by storing in wreath containers. These plastic tote type containers are usually round and snap closed to keep your wreath safe inside. You’ll need to do minimal fluffing next year.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 7: Label Your Decorations

A few labels can save you a lot of time next Christmas. Use simple labels to identify the contents of boxes. Labeling is really easy if you store similar items together.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 8: Unknot Christmas Light Cords

Untangling Christmas lights is easily the most dreaded part of holiday decorating. Make sure you carefully wrap all your cords up in an organized manner. If you prefer, you can always invest in a reel or smaller container to keep your light stash tangle-free between uses.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 9: Write a Note for Future Yourself

Notes are a great way to stay organized when decorating next Christmas. If you have to pack any mixed item boxes, create a written list and place inside before closing so you have a quick reference for next year. Notes can also be used to write reminds to buy new lights or other items that may have not made it through this season.

Holiday Decorating Storage Tip 10: Make Repairs Now

Any ornaments or objects that need some repairs or touch ups should be taken care of before packing. Make sure everything is put away in ready-to-use condition. You’ll thank yourself next year when nothing needs fixed or thrown away!

Holiday Decoration Storage Tip 11: Set Aside Time for Holiday Packing

Don’t leave packing up the holiday decorations to random times when you have a moment. This can cause you to feel rushed. Make sure you set aside ample time to do it the right way. You don’t have to do it all in one day, but scheduling time in will ensure that you use your packing time effectively and don’t cut corners that you’ll regret next year.
Happy New Year Sign

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5 Signs That Make Great Last Minute Christmas Gifts!

The holidays tend to be hectic and it’s not always easy to find time to gift shop. The internet presents the perfect opportunity to save time, relax and still get the perfect present for everyone on your list. If you still have names left to check off, you’re in luck. The following list will help you find last minute Christmas gift ideas for friends and family!

Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea 1: Give Them Something to Hang After Christmas

Christmas and New Years are two of the biggest holidays celebrated in the United States. Why not give your favorite people a beautiful New Years sign to hang up after all the Christmas craziness is over. Our snowman Happy New Year sign is a great choice. Or you can be the practical gift buyer by going with one of our novelty holiday signs that offer well wishes for both holidays!

New Year Snowman Sign

Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea 2: Impress Them with Personalization

Personalized signs will have a stronger impact. They require a little more effort (but not much!) on your part and create a finished product that’s specific to your recipient. They will know you went the extra mile to get this Christmas gift! We offer a huge selection of personalized signs for the holidays and all year long! Turn your loved ones into a family of elves with our elf sign or choose something for the rest of the year.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea 3: Have Fun with Hobby Signs

Hobby signs are another option that shows you really gave this year’s gift some thought. Choose a design that features their favorite activities. For example, if your recipient is a horse lover then a personalized stall sign might be perfect. If they love automobiles then consider a classic car sign.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea 4: Funny Signs Lift Holiday Spirits

Imagine their expression when they open your Christmas gift and see a funny sign that matches their personality! These designs are diverse and include everything from cute to crude humor. They will think of you every time their funny wall art makes them smile!

Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea 5: Age Specific Signs

Another way to customize the holiday gift is to choose something that complements their age. Personalized kids signs will give little ones a fun way to decorate their rooms. Older recipients will get a kick out of a Dr. Seuss poem all about aging. Keep your teen on their toes with a check out time sign.

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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Holiday Decorations for Your Home

The holidays are fast approaching. Black Friday has passed and we’re heading into the thick of gift buying season. That also means everyone is hurrying to find the perfect Christmas decorations for their homes. There are so many options to choose from this year, and each offers a unique personality and style that will add charm to any entertaining space. Read the following tips to find holiday décor that will really wow your guests!

Christmas Decoration Tip 1: Choose a Seasonal Color Scheme

There are a few popular color schemes people usually turn to for the holiday season. These are very safe bets if you want to add a festive touch to your home. Whether you’re going with classic red and green, blue and silver or doing something different, make sure you have a color scheme chosen before you start buying Christmas decorations. This will create a consistency that ties your home together perfectly (and allows you to avoid clashing).

Christmas Decoration Tip 2: Reusable Holiday Decor is Better in the Long Run

Since many households decorate each year, reusable decor is preferable to one-time-use items made of thin paper and similar materials. Christmas signs are a great choice because they are very durable and can be displayed indoors and outdoors. That means you have more options each year when figuring out where to place everything. You’ll also have less to buy each year which means more money stays in your gift buying budget.

Christmas Decoration Tip 3: Know Your Holiday Style

Some people prefer a more traditional style with more detail. These often feature nostalgic Santas with jolly bellies, burning candlesticks and Christmas trees covered in garland and decorations. Others prefer a more modern approach with simpler designs and less extravagant fonts. Designs like our red and green owl holiday sign or our gingerbread sign are great examples. Traditionalists may prefer something similar to our red ornament Merry Christmas sign. Make sure you stick with your preferred style when buying new holiday decorations.

Christmas Decoration Tip 4: Safety Always Comes First

Safety always comes first when decorating for Christmas. Choose décor that is safe based on the age groups of your household. Avoid placing swallow-able trinkets within reach of children and pets. Also, remember to keep lit candles away from flammable objects. Consider switching out your real candles for realistic LED or flameless versions. They look just as warm and cozy and can be used next to paper, fabric and other flammables safely. Even children can handle them and they can be used year after year.

Christmas Decoration Tip 5: Focus on Guest Entertaining Areas

Make sure you do not neglect areas that are likely to entertain guests when Christmas decorating. Start with the first place your guests will be – the front door and entryway. A holiday welcome sign is a wonderful way to greet visitors. Hang alone or with a festive wreath for added effect. Your guests will really feel the spirit of the season from the moment they arrive!

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4 Traditional Thanksgiving Symbols & How to Use them in your Fall Decor

Every holiday favors certain objects and figures that hold special meaning. Thanksgiving is no different. It’s easy to identify the symbols of the season just by looking for common themes among the decorations and dinner table. You can add a traditional touch to your home this year by using our holiday signs to incorporate these beloved symbols into your thanksgiving festivities!

Pilgrims & Indians

Let’s start with the obvious symbols of Thanksgiving: pilgrims and Indians. Most children learn the significance of these historic characters at an early age.  The story is set in 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. A celebration was held that included a feast to commemorate a particularly good harvest. It is estimated that 90 Native Americans and 53 pilgrims participated.

Our Thanksgiving sign collection includes a vibrant design with a warm holiday wish and these famous figures. The pilgrim sign features children in traditional attire while the Native American version includes a pair of young Indians in feathers headdresses and leather clothing.

Cornucopia Thanksgiving Sign

The Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty

The cornucopia is a horn shaped container that’s filled to overflowing with fruits, vegetables and other tasty harvest goodies. Most modern Horns of Plenty consists of woven baskets however traditionally it was a curved goat horn.  This symbol is always depicted as spilling over with abundance.

Our traditional Thanksgiving holiday sign features a wood plank background with a classic cornucopia and beautiful November sunset. This decoration can be personalized, making it a great welcome sign for the fall holiday!

Ears of Corn

Corn is one of the most colorful Thanksgiving symbols.  There are many warm hues featured that match the harvest theme of the holiday.  This food item is important because it is believed that the Native Americans knew how to grow corn and shared their knowledge with the pilgrims to help them survive the harsh winter season. Our traditional Thanksgiving sign also features beautiful ears of corn.

Tasty Turkey

Turkey is easily one of the most popular (and delicious) of Thanksgiving symbols.  This bird became famous when it was chosen as the main course at the first feast. Four wild turkeys were said to have been prepared and enjoyed. Today, families across the country make a point to pick out the biggest, juiciest bird to share with friends and family!

Our turkey family personalized sign isn’t edible, but it features adorable fowl with fall leaves and pumpkins. Add custom names and text and hang on your front door so loved ones feel welcomed when they visit for the holiday!

Thanksgiving Turkey Personalized Sign

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5 Easy Tips for Winterizing Your Outdoor Decor

Winterizing your home decor will ensure that each item lasts far longer. The elements can be very hard on many materials – even those that are meant for outdoor use. If you want to get the best return on your outdoor decor investment, you should make sure your home is ready for the cold weather.  The following five tips will help you get started so your home decor lasts longer and looks amazing year after year!

Prep Water Fountains Before It Gets Cold

Anything that uses a water source can be a big problem when the temperature drops to freezing. Water fountains should be addressed earlier, before frigid conditions have a chance to appear. Make sure all water is drained from the fountain. A cover is highly recommended to keep all moisture out. If you don’t plan to use a cover, make sure you put towels, blankets or something absorbent inside the basin and each tier. This will stop water from getting inside and causing cracks.

Protect Patio Furniture, Pool Accessories, Anything Movable

If you can put it away in a garage, shed or attic, it is generally a good idea to do so. If your patio furniture is going to spend the cold months outside, make sure you store all cushions indoors. A cover can help protect the finish. Depending on where you live and what the climate is like, this may be sufficient to protect patio furniture and accessories. Otherwise try to fit them inside a sturdy structure until spring.

Apply Sealant on Wood and Painted Surfaces

A sealant can be used to create a protective layer over wood and painted surfaces. This would be a product that is painted on and forms an invisible layer on top of your decor. This won’t work on all materials, but wherever possible it can be very helpful. Sealant can stop cracks and will help block moisture in the air or in the form of rain or snow.

Consider Cedar Wood When Buying Decor

If you want to use wooden decor all year round, consider going with cedar products. Cedar is very durable because it retains its appearance even when exposed to the snow. Many beautiful things are crafted using cedar, so it’s both versatile and long lasting. Make your cedar wood go the extra mile by also applying a water repellent preservative.

Move Signs to Winter Safe Places

Our decorative signs are very durable and can be displayed all year round. If you want to keep yours for longer, consider moving it to a display area that won’t be effected by the wind. Hang flat against a wall or on a door. A sign braced against a solid surface will fare better than one on a post or pole when the strong winter wind blows. Under an overhang is also a great choice because the outdoor sign will receive even more protection from moisture. 

Winter Dock Sign

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4 Fall Outdoor Signs for Rustic Families: Beautiful Country Décor Made for Autumn

Autumn is a gorgeous time of year. The leaves change, the temperature starts to drop and there’s a crispness in the air that is invigorating. While summer is a good time to be out in the sun or at the beach, fall is perfect for scenic hikes and evenings spent telling stories around a crackling campfire. It’s also a popular time for outdoors-men who love to hunt and fish. The following outdoor signs are a must-have for your home, cabin or campsite during the autumn months!

Beauty, Elegance and Deer in One Hunting Lodge Sign

Our Deer Path hunting lodge sign combines many of the things that make autumn so wonderful in one handsome design. A doe daintily steps into a creek while a majestic buck looks on. A cozy cabin glows in the distance as the trees paint a picture that showcases the orange and gold palette of fall.  If you love country décor with a more enchanting, realistic touch, this is the perfect lodge or cabin sign for you! It can even be used as a charming welcome sign in your home.

Deer Hunting Lodge Sign

Hunters Celebrate Fall with a Sense of Humor.

All the splendor of the fall season is great, but some families prefer humor over eye candy. Our deer hunting collection includes this amusing hunter-inspired design! The image consists of a deer silhouette in colorful cross hairs next to a funny quote which reads “Deer Hunters Will Do Anything for a Buck”. You can display this one in your cabin, den, trophy room or outdoors to let everyone know that deer season has started.

Funny Quote Deer Hunter Sign

Deer Hunter Decor with a Realistic Touch

If you prefer something more serious for your den or trophy room, our personalized cabin sign featuring a stag head is a great choice. Fellow hunters will marvel when they see the enormous rack on this buck. Rays of sunlight show through the tree cover, much like it does as summer transitions into fall. Even if you aren’t an avid deer hunter, this cabin wall art looks great as a welcome sign!

Stag Head Cabin Sign for Deer Hunters

Find Inspiration in Autumn Signs

Fall isn’t just for deer hunters. Our inspirational signs include this eye-catching design. A row boat floats lazily next to the shore while all around leaves display vibrant autumn colors. The text reads “What happens at the lake… Stays at the lake!” in white. The combination of inspirational quote and gorgeous scenery will instantly brighten any room. Hang in your lake house or cabin or show it off at home as a warm reminder of good times spent in the great outdoors.

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The Grandparent Gift Guide: 5 Ways to Make Grandma & Grandpa Feel Extra Special!

Grandparent gifts are a great way to honor your family’s elders during September – or any month for that matter! National Grandparents Day was celebrated on September 13th here in the United States, however anytime is a great time to send some love to your oldest relatives. The following gift buying tips work whether you’re looking for a great gift for Grandparent’s Day or searching for something special for any other occasion.

Personalize your Grandparent Gift

Gifts you can personalize are a wonderful choice that allow you to create a unique item made just for grandma or grandpa (or both!). Many families have endearing nicknames for their elders. Some go with classic “grandma” and “grandpa” while others might use nana, papa, grammy, mimi, nonny or ona. And some prefer something completely different. It’s nearly impossible to find keepsakes that already feature the less common nicknames, which is why a custom item is so appealing. Personalized signs for grandparents will let you choose the text so the gift is truly one-of-a-kind!

Choose a Grandparent Gift that Complements Their Interests

Everyone has a unique set of interests and hobbies they enjoy. Maybe grandpa likes to fish and grandma likes to sew. Or perhaps they are less traditional and enjoy other pastimes. Try to incorporate your loved ones’ interests into the gift. For example, if your grandparents love to garden, then a personalized garden sign might be a fun option. For the outdoorsy grandparent, there are plenty of fishing, hunting and nature signs that will look amazing when displayed in their den or trophy room.

Give Grandparents a Gift That Will Last

Grandparents appreciate thoughtful gifts that they can keep for years. These are special items that will always remind them of their beloved children and grandchildren – or even great grandchildren! Make sure you choose a gift that will last so they always have that beloved memento close by. Indoor – outdoor signs are appealing because they are designed to be durable so they can be displayed long term and still look just as beautiful as they did the day grandma or grandpa opened up their gift!

Go for His and Hers Grandparent Gifts

If you are buying for grandma and grandpa, then a “his and hers” gift is a smart choice. You can give them each something unique to love. For example, grandma will love the sweet little poem featured on our Grandma hold Me a Little Longer inspirational sign. Meanwhile grandpa will adore seeing his custom name printed along with a ’57 Chevy Bel Air like the design featured on our classic car sign.  Both gifts can be given together, yet hold special meaning for each grandparent!

Turn a Gift into Something Fun for Family Gatherings

Gifts for grandparents can also be used to make family gatherings and holidays more memorable. Choose a gift that incorporates a special event that grandkids and grandparents love. The holidays will be even more festive when grandpa dons his Santa suit next to our Who Needs Santa When you Have Grandpa? Holiday Sign (grandma and grandparent versions are also available). Or give them a whimsical club house sign so they can make visits with the grandkids more exciting! There are many ways to find the perfect gift for grandparents. Explore our collection of signs to find lots of possibilities that will make them smile!

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