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5 Tips for Using Nature Signs in Your Campsite

Outdoor novelty signs will customize your favorite campsite. Whether you stay in a tent or cabin, you can add a hint of color  and variety to make the space more welcoming. Wall art is a great way to do this because it’s easy to display and requires no floor space which might be needed for necessities like sleeping bags or coolers. How can you use outdoor signs to decorate your camp?

Camp Decor Tip 1: Display on Doors or Pathways as a Welcome Sign

Welcome signs aren’t just for your everyday house. You can use a rustic welcome sign to invite guests to stop by your campsite. If you stay in a cabin, you can display your sign on or near the door that newcomers are likely to use. If you are really roughing it in a tent, you can display your sign on a post near the front of the tent or along the trail or walkway that leads to your campsite. Another option is to hang your sign from a string on one of the tent poles.

Camp Decor Tip 2: Proudly Claim Your Space with a Custom Name

Some camp signs include a custom name. This presents a unique opportunity to really claim your campsite. Pick out a design that includes a name or request a custom order with any other design and incorporate your name by request. Friends who meet up at the same campground can use personalized signs to find one another when they arrive!

Camp Decor Tip 3: Bring More Beautiful Views of Nature into Your Camp

Surrounding yourself in nature can have a profoundly positive effect on well being. Try displaying signs that showcase natural scenes inside your camp. These can be hung indoors when staying in cabins or other sturdy structures so you can enjoy your natural surroundings, even when you’re inside. Our lake and river signs are a great place to start looking for wall art featuring outdoor scenes.

Camp Decor Tip 4: Choose Signs that Feature Your Type of Camping

Camp signs are a pretty broad category when you start browsing all the available designs. Some simply feature natural imagery while others include pictures of campsites. Your camp decor will really complement your home away from home when it matches the type of camping you do. If you stay in a camper, try an RV sign. If you sleep in a cabin, look for signs that feature cabins in the landscape. And if you prefer tents, there are many designs featuring pup tents and more.  

Camp Decor Tip 5: Seasonal Signs are Perfect for Camps

You can also choose your camp sign based on the time of year you plan to travel. There are some styles that feature warm summery scenes while others depict the gorgeous changes of autumn. There are even rustic winter signs with snow and ice. If you camp multiple times a year, change things up by choosing multiple seasonal signs to correspond with the current outdoor conditions!

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Decorating Your RV: 5 Camp Signs for Life on the Road

Just because your RV can move doesn’t mean it has to look Spartan. A few personal touches can transform your home on wheels into a cozy place to sleep and relax. Wall art is a great choice when adding atmosphere to an RV. It can be eye-catching and doesn’t take up precious floor space. If you aren’t sure where to begin, check out the following 5 personalized camp signs designed just for RVers!

RV Camp Sign 1: Home on Wheels in Classic Gold

If you prefer a classic touch with your RV décor, the gold Home on Wheels sign is a must-see. This design is elegant with flourishes and the outline of a traditional camper. The warm tones have a very rustic feel that still stays classy so you get a great look while out in the wilderness. You can add your custom name for a personal touch.

RV Camp Sign 2: The RV Campground Sign

Some campers prefer to rough it with friends, which is why campgrounds are very popular. If you love making the rounds to your favorite locations each summer, the campground themed sign is a fun choice. This design includes first and last names with a cartoon couple so it also makes a great gift for newlyweds who love the great outdoors!

RV Camp Sign 3: Home is Where You Park It Camp Sign

You know that exhilarating feeling when you pull up to your favorite campsite, step outside and breathe in the fresh air? The Home is Where you Park It RV sign recreates that moment with gorgeous color. This product can be displayed as an indoor or outdoor sign so you can show it off anywhere – no matter how far off the beaten path you may be.

RV Camp Sign 4: Camping Couples, BBQ and a Camp Sign

This unique take on the personalized sign for RVs presents another amusing couple with a barbecue grill. Just like the other designs, this one includes first and last names so you can truly make it your own.  This is the perfect sign for campers who love to cook out!

RV Camp Sign 5: Camp Signs for Waterside Views

If your favorite camping spot is close to a waterway, then you’ll love RV camp signs featuring streams and rivers. This design includes another happy camper couple with a quaint little RV, barbecue and a blue stream visible just through the trees. There's even a small boat resting in the distance so there's something for campers who enjoy canoeing or other types of paddling.

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5 Tips for Picking Out Unique Girls Room Decor

Creating a fun, inspiring place for your little girl is easy if you know how to get started. You can put together a beautiful display that is tailored to her unique personality. The following five tips will help you pick out the best girls room decor for your child’s living space.

Tip 1: Put Her Name on Display


Children love putting their names on things. She will feel extra special when she sees hers on display in her favorite place. The best part is you don’t have to let her write on the walls to do it! Just hang up a personalized sign and you can transform any bedroom or playroom into her own personal space. Designs like our Butterfly Garden kids room sign or our Pink Princess sign are a great choice!

Tip 2: Choose a Sign that Shows Her Interests

Every child is unique, so make sure her decor says something about her. Pay attention to what she likes to do. Does she play with dolls or does she love to play sports? Is she a bookworm or a naturalist? Incorporate elements of these traits into her decor and she will absolutely love it!

Tip 3: Don’t Be Afraid to Move Away from Pink

When people think of girls room sign, they usually think of frilly pink things. Not all girls like pink, so don’t be afraid to get creative and try other hues. Green, yellow, red and blue can all be very eye-catching. You can also try different combinations. For example, if you want to use pink, try a more modern color scheme with pink and brown or choose 3 or 4 colors to create something new and exciting!

Tip 4: Let Her Decorate for the Season

Your child will likely have everyday décor that’s up 365 days a year. Don’t forget to let her spice things up with seasonal sign as well! This could be a simple holiday sign or banner that she can display during special occasions. For example, in October she could hang a Happy Halloween sign on her door!

Her tastes will evolve as she grows older. The room sign she had when she was 3 won’t be as appealing to her when she’s 6 or 7. Remember to let her girls room décor grow with her by picking out more mature pieces that match her changing interests. For example, if she has a clown room sign now she might want to change it out for a Dancer Extraordinaire sign later when she starts taking dance lessons.

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3 Inspirational Signs for Graduates: Finding the Perfect Graduation Gifts

If you’re still searching for a graduation gift that will have an impact, consider giving inspirational signs. This genre is one part wall decor and two parts encouragement. Leaving high school or college and officially starting life can be very intimidating. Sometimes a few words of encouragement can have a powerful impact to help graduates stay on track and prepare for the next stage in their lives. So which designs are the best for grads?

Life is an Adventure!

Positive sayings that are upbeat and energetic can help graduates get into the zone before making the next move. Our daring adventure sign features a modern look that young adults can relate to. The inspirational quote is short and sweet, getting right to the point by stating that “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Pair this novelty sign with a book of wisdom or tips for a good life and you have the ultimate graduation gift!

Advice to Live By

Some inspirational signs remind graduates how to deal with problems and relationships. It’s easy to get caught up in life and forget how to cope with adversity and conflict. This inspirational quote focuses on building strong relationships by explaining how to handle others in a wide range of situations. The words explain what to do before you assume and includes an elegant butterfly background. The quote covers common issues like knowing what to say, considering others’ feelings and what to do before passing judgement on someone else.

Facing Obstacles and Overcoming

Parents and loved ones know that graduates are going to face many challenges in their lives. Their older loved ones can’t always be there to guide them, which is why they must learn how to cope until the storm passes. It’s not always easy but it is something we all face at some point in our lives. This novelty sign offers an uplifting quote that inspires the reader to dance in the rain and life a full, happy life rather than waiting for things to be “perfect” with no adversity.

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3 Unique Places to Hang Your Custom Parking Signs

Custom parking signs are a fun and easy way to add personality to any space. Whether you’re decorating a dorm room or your man cave, you can’t go wrong with these versatile signs. If you have a parking sign or plan to order one of our custom signs, then consider the following display locations to spice up your home or business!

Reserve Your Favorite Chair

Every guy has a favorite chair he loves to sit in while watching TV, rocking out or doing whatever it is he loves to do in his free time. A custom parking sign can be used to “reserve” your rear end’s preferred parking space. Hang your sign up next to or near your chair. You can even choose a style with a specific automobile brand or sports team logo as well as your name so there will be no mistaking who owns the seat!

Get a Laugh in the Bathroom

The bathroom is home to one of the most popular parking spaces in the house. Men who want to get a good laugh can display their custom parking sign right over the porcelain throne. Everyone will giggle when they walk in to read your parking sign before getting down to business! Bathroom décor like this also makes a great conversation starter at house parties and other gatherings.

Park Non-Car or Truck Vehicles in Style

Displaying your custom parking sign in your driveway or parking lot is the obvious option, but you can get creative with other types of vehicles. Hang one in the garage next to your motorcycle, dirt bike or riding mower. If you’re a business owner, you can add personality to your building by hanging a custom parking sign over spaces reserved for equipment or machinery. The possibilities are endless! Visit our custom parking signs category to build your own personalized parking sign!

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Giving Custom Signs as Gifts: How to Create the Ultimate Design for Someone Special

Custom signs make amazing gifts for birthdays, holidays and milestone events. They are extremely versatile and provide limitless personalization options. If you need a meaningful gift that will really speak to the recipient, consider making a custom sign. The following steps will provide a foolproof way to create the best design for your recipient! 

Start with Their Favorite Colors

Find out which colors your gift recipient loves. If you don’t want to give away the gift by asking directly, there are ways to determine which hues they prefer. Observe what they wear and which colors they tend to gravitate towards when decorating their home. Do they usually reach for a certain color straw when ordering beverages or wear certain color clothing more often? If so, you may already have the basis for your custom sign color scheme!

Work in Their Interests

This step will require more creativity. Choose at least one or two things your recipient is interested in. This could be anything from sports to animals to crochet. If you aren’t sure, make a list of their hobbies and favorite activities. Do they love to watch The Food Network or do they volunteer at their local animal shelter? Do they love to go horseback riding, watch movies or make things? Find items that best represent the things your recipient loves and use them in your custom sign design.

Personalize Signs with Text

The last element you’ll need for your custom sign is text. If you aren’t sure what to write on your design, think about the occasion or reason for the gift. If it’s someone’s birthday or a holiday, then it should be easy to decide what to write on the sign. If you want to do something different, search for quotes from famous people related to the occasion or one of their interests. You can even apply an inside joke or something about a special memory you have with that person!

Once you know what to put on the sign, you can visit our Custom Signs on Request page to begin building the ultimate personalized gift for anyone!

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3 Reasons to Give a Personalized Gift

Buying gifts is tricky. It’s important that the recipient is excited and appreciates the effort you made. Of course, some gifts are better received than others. The trick is focusing on the right type of present. Personalized custom signs always make a great gift. Here are three reasons you should consider giving a personalized custom sign for every occasion.

1.Personalized gifts take the stress out of gift giving.

Picking out the perfect gift can be stressful. What does she need? What does he really want? Driving to the mall and browsing different store ideas is time consuming. You may end up just buying a gift card to get the whole thing over with. Deciding on a personalized custom sign is as easy as logging on to, where within no time you will find the perfect one.

2. Personalized gifts are customizable.

Is the recipient a good friend? Then pick out a silly sign with a touch of humor. Is he/she a collector? A vintage tin sign would be ideal. No matter what type of sign you choose, adding a name makes it unique. Personalized custom signs stand out because you can guarantee no one else will have given the same gift.

3. Personalized gifts are appreciated.

Are you buying a gift for a sports fan? A personalized sports custom sign with his/her favorite sports team will make his/her day. Looking for a gift for a cat lover? There are so many cat-themed signs to consider. Just add her name and you're done. Whoever the recipient is, your thoughtfulness will be obvious.

Giving the gift of a personalized bar sign shows you care. And every time you see it hanging up, you will know you made the right choice.

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3 Fascinating Facts about Wine

Love wine? Check out these three fascinating wine facts.

Archeologists discovered a wine cellar older than King Tut.

Researchers from George Washington University and the University of Haifa discovered a wine cellar in Northern Israel dating back to about 1700 B.C. A total of 40 jars were unearthed in a storage room 15-by-25 feet,  

Wine starts out clear in color.

It is the skin of wine grapes that gives red wine its color. The skin is added in during the fermentation process. The skin isn't added during the fermentation of white wine, which is why the color is so light.

Don't believe the hype- most wine does not improve with age.

Most people believe that wine gets better with time. However, that is only true of less than 10 percent of all wines, including Chateaux Bordeaux. So get out the wine glasses! 

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just beginning to discover it, consider a Wine Cellar Custom Novelty Sign, ready to hang and proudly Made in the USA. The Wine Bar and Bistro Personalized Custom Sign is a stylish addition to any room in your home.


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Modern Home Theater Must-Haves: Technology and Personalized Signs

Home theaters are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the rapid advances being made in consumer electronics. As long as you have high-speed Internet service and a decent router, you can access numerous home theater components through your home network. Fortunately theater can be designed to fit any budget if you know what to look for. Check out these home theater must-haves for 2015.

Streaming devices

One of the most popular devices is a media player/streamer. Streaming devices provide access to hundreds of channels and streaming services, such as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu through the television.

Smart TVs

There has been a drastic reduction in prices for Smart televisions with integrated Internet and Web 2.0 features. Now it's easy to surf the Net or access one of many apps--also through your television.


If you want great sound without large speakers and the mess associated with wire hookups, a sound bar is the answer. You get surround sound in a small box--all without any wires. Wireless sound bars are also available in all price ranges.

Receiver with iPod Docking Station

A home theater system with a docking system for your iPod (or USB port) allows you to listen to all of your downloaded songs through your speakers. There are also home theater systems with Bluetooth for wireless access.

Universal Remote

A good universal remote is essential, especially when you have already invested in a quality system. Look for one with a color LCD screen that is web programmable for the most benefits.

Of course, your home theater wouldn't be complete without a personalized home theater signs. Choose from a Personalized Home Theater Popcorn and Reel custom sign or Personalized Home Theater Film Projector Custom Sign. Other signs include the Personalized Home Theater Comedy/Tragedy Masks Custom Sign, Personalized Home Theater Marquee Custom Sign and many others. Just add your name and any lines of text to any of the custom personalized signs for the perfect finishing touch.

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How to Stock Your Home Bar

Stocking your home bar doesn't have to be difficult. Here are four essential bottles to get you started:


Bourbon has been around since the 18th century. In 1964, Congress recognized Bourbon as America's Native Spirit. Bourbon whiskey is sweet. In fact, the more corn it contains, the sweeter it will be.

Popular cocktails include: Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, Mint Julep


Europe found a use for molasses, the byproduct of sugar, hundreds of year ago. When it's fermented and distilled it becomes rum. There are light and dark rums, depending on how long it spends in the aging process.

Popular cocktails include: Mojito, Mai Tai, Pina Colada


Gin dates back to the Middle Ages. Juniper berries are responsible for its distinct flavor. It
can be made with a variety of botanicals, including fruits, spices, flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Popular cocktails include: Gin and Tonic, Martini, Tom Collins


A distilled spirit with high alcohol content, vodka can be made from many things. However, it is typically made from grain or potatoes. It’s believed to have been popular in Poland and Russia at about the 15th century,

Popular cocktails include: Vodka Tonic, White Russian, Screwdriver

Don't forget to add a Custom Personalized Sign to your home bar. Choose from several themes, including Police Themed Bar Custom Sign, Racing Pit Stop Pub Themed Bar Custom Sign or a Neighborhood Pub Custom Sign.

Remember too that we can design a custom sign in whatever theme you’d like, especially for you!

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