3 Reasons to Give a Personalized Gift

Buying gifts is tricky. It’s important that the recipient is excited and appreciates the effort you made. Of course, some gifts are better received than others. The trick is focusing on the right type of present. Personalized custom signs always make a great gift. Here are three reasons you should consider giving a personalized custom sign for every occasion.

1.Personalized gifts take the stress out of gift giving.

Picking out the perfect gift can be stressful. What does she need? What does he really want? Driving to the mall and browsing different store ideas is time consuming. You may end up just buying a gift card to get the whole thing over with. Deciding on a personalized custom sign is as easy as logging on to, where within no time you will find the perfect one.

2. Personalized gifts are customizable.

Is the recipient a good friend? Then pick out a silly sign with a touch of humor. Is he/she a collector? A vintage tin sign would be ideal. No matter what type of sign you choose, adding a name makes it unique. Personalized custom signs stand out because you can guarantee no one else will have given the same gift.

3. Personalized gifts are appreciated.

Are you buying a gift for a sports fan? A personalized sports custom sign with his/her favorite sports team will make his/her day. Looking for a gift for a cat lover? There are so many cat-themed signs to consider. Just add her name and you're done. Whoever the recipient is, your thoughtfulness will be obvious.

Giving the gift of a personalized bar sign shows you care. And every time you see it hanging up, you will know you made the right choice.

3 Fascinating Facts about Wine

Love wine? Check out these three fascinating wine facts.

Archeologists discovered a wine cellar older than King Tut.

Researchers from George Washington University and the University of Haifa discovered a wine cellar in Northern Israel dating back to about 1700 B.C. A total of 40 jars were unearthed in a storage room 15-by-25 feet,  

Wine starts out clear in color.

It is the skin of wine grapes that gives red wine its color. The skin is added in during the fermentation process. The skin isn't added during the fermentation of white wine, which is why the color is so light.

Don't believe the hype- most wine does not improve with age.

Most people believe that wine gets better with time. However, that is only true of less than 10 percent of all wines, including Chateaux Bordeaux. So get out the wine glasses! 

Whether you are a wine connoisseur or just beginning to discover it, consider a Wine Cellar Custom Novelty Sign, ready to hang and proudly Made in the USA. The Wine Bar and Bistro Personalized Custom Sign is a stylish addition to any room in your home.


Modern Home Theater Must-Haves: Technology and Personalized Signs

Home theaters are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the rapid advances being made in consumer electronics. As long as you have high-speed Internet service and a decent router, you can access numerous home theater components through your home network. Fortunately theater can be designed to fit any budget if you know what to look for. Check out these home theater must-haves for 2015.

Streaming devices

One of the most popular devices is a media player/streamer. Streaming devices provide access to hundreds of channels and streaming services, such as Netflix, YouTube and Hulu through the television.

Smart TVs

There has been a drastic reduction in prices for Smart televisions with integrated Internet and Web 2.0 features. Now it's easy to surf the Net or access one of many apps--also through your television.


If you want great sound without large speakers and the mess associated with wire hookups, a sound bar is the answer. You get surround sound in a small box--all without any wires. Wireless sound bars are also available in all price ranges.

Receiver with iPod Docking Station

A home theater system with a docking system for your iPod (or USB port) allows you to listen to all of your downloaded songs through your speakers. There are also home theater systems with Bluetooth for wireless access.

Universal Remote

A good universal remote is essential, especially when you have already invested in a quality system. Look for one with a color LCD screen that is web programmable for the most benefits.

Of course, your home theater wouldn't be complete without a personalized home theater signs. Choose from a Personalized Home Theater Popcorn and Reel custom sign or Personalized Home Theater Film Projector Custom Sign. Other signs include the Personalized Home Theater Comedy/Tragedy Masks Custom Sign, Personalized Home Theater Marquee Custom Sign and many others. Just add your name and any lines of text to any of the custom personalized signs for the perfect finishing touch.

How to Stock Your Home Bar

Stocking your home bar doesn't have to be difficult. Here are four essential bottles to get you started:


Bourbon has been around since the 18th century. In 1964, Congress recognized Bourbon as America's Native Spirit. Bourbon whiskey is sweet. In fact, the more corn it contains, the sweeter it will be.

Popular cocktails include: Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, Mint Julep


Europe found a use for molasses, the byproduct of sugar, hundreds of year ago. When it's fermented and distilled it becomes rum. There are light and dark rums, depending on how long it spends in the aging process.

Popular cocktails include: Mojito, Mai Tai, Pina Colada


Gin dates back to the Middle Ages. Juniper berries are responsible for its distinct flavor. It
can be made with a variety of botanicals, including fruits, spices, flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Popular cocktails include: Gin and Tonic, Martini, Tom Collins


A distilled spirit with high alcohol content, vodka can be made from many things. However, it is typically made from grain or potatoes. It’s believed to have been popular in Poland and Russia at about the 15th century,

Popular cocktails include: Vodka Tonic, White Russian, Screwdriver

Don't forget to add a Custom Personalized Sign to your home bar. Choose from several themes, including Police Themed Bar Custom Sign, Racing Pit Stop Pub Themed Bar Custom Sign or a Neighborhood Pub Custom Sign.

Remember too that we can design a custom sign in whatever theme you’d like, especially for you!

Top 3 Camping Essentials

Insect Repellent: Mosquitos in the U.S. can carry West Nile virus or St. Louis encephalitis and ticks can spread Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Protect yourself from outdoor pests by bringing along a good mosquito and tick repellent. Watch out for repellents with high deet concentrations. Anything higher than 30 percent does not follow American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines. Other ways to protect everyone from insects include:

  • Keep tents zipped at all times
  • Build fire away from sleeping area
  • Turn off flashlight before opening tent
  • Inspect for ticks after walking in the woods

Protective Clothing: Keep everyone safe from harmful UV rays by packing protective clothing such as long-sleeved shirts, long pants, wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses. This clothing will also help protect you if you accidentally rub against poison ivy. The Centers for Disease Control also advises campers to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen and lip screen with at least SPF 15.

Whistle: It's important to always stay with the group when camping. Some camping areas have cell phone access but don't be surprised if you can't get a signal. If you do get separated, a loud whistle can summon help in an instant.

In addition to these three safety items, don't forget a novelty sign for your RV or campsite. A novelty camping sign is a great way to spruce up your accommodations.


Why Custom Novelty Signs Make Excellent Gifts

Is there someone in your life who understands your silly sense of humor? Perhaps someone with whom you share the craziest private jokes? Instead of spending time trying to figure out what to get them for the next special occasion, consider buying them a funny novelty sign. There are funny novelty signs for all the people you love who find the same things amusing that you do.

Not Sure What to Get Your Best Friend? 

No one knows you like your best friend. Chances are, you can just look at each other and burst out laughing because of all the memories you share. Imagine her giggle when she reads the "5 Deadly Terms Used By a Woman." (Number one? "Fine. This is the word women use to end an argument when she know she is right and you need to shut up.") In the same tradition, "Cinderella is Proof the Right Shoe Can Change a Girl," "Haven't Had My Coffee Yet...Don't Make Me Kill You," and "Feelin' Beachy" are all perfect novelty signs for best friends.

Looking for the Perfect Gift For Mom?

Speaking of best friends, your mom is right up there with the best of them. Picture her reaction upon opening "Please Remove Shoes or Wash Floor." She may laugh out loud at "The Seven Stages of Menopause," which includes Cranky, Bloated and Forgetful in place of the beloved Disney characters. If your mom is the queen of the kitchen, "Kitchen Closed-This Chick's Had It" adorned with a picture of a chicken would look terrific up on her wall.

Have a Hard to Please Husband?

Novelty signs for husbands are hilarious because you know how to drive each other crazy. His face will light up when he reads "Blah Blah Blah" or "Cancel My Subscription- I Don't Need Your Issues." Does he tend to retreat to his own space when he’s had enough? Get him "What Happens in the Garage Stays in the Garage" or "It Was the Voices That Told Me to Go Fishing." For the possessive man, try "Don't Touch My Tools- Don't Even Think About It" with the yellow caution sign. There are plenty of novelty signs for husbands!

When you need a personal gift, you can't go wrong with a funny novelty sign. Whether you purchase novelty signs for best friends, novelty signs for moms or novelty signs for husbands, you will know you hit the nail on the head when they tear open the wrapping paper.

5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Game Room

Game rooms aren’t just for kids- they are great additions to any home. With a game room upstairs, downstairs or down the hall, you have the perfect place to de-stress alone or hang with friends. Here are six tips for designing your perfect game room.

Choose a theme.

Are you a sports fan? Film buff? Music aficionado? Let your tastes guide your decorating style when choosing styles and colors.

Cover the walls with signs.

Hang artwork to create the perfect atmosphere. And don’t forget custom novelty signs for that special touch. Check out “Grandpa Jim’s Game Room- Leave It Like You Found It” or a “Pool Shark” custom sign. How about designing your own sign? Fun Sign Factory offers you that option. Check our complete collection of novelty game room signs and personalized game room signs.

Keep it high tech.

Many game rooms double as media rooms. That means displaying a big screen TV(or two) and a great speaker system. Just be sure to hide the wires if you don’t go wireless.

Make it comfortable.

Although most guests will stay on their feet shooting pool, you also need plenty of comfy seating in your game room. Offer plenty of opportunities to sit with an overstuffed couch and loveseat as well as a bunch of bar stools.

Provide drinks.

Thirsty guests will appreciate a fully stocked bar or well-placed refrigerator containing beer, soda, and water. No matter what your budget, include easy access to drinks.

Include the right games.

Of course the foundation of any game room is…games! Two must-haves are a pool table and football table. Also consider adding a dartboard, shuffleboard table and retro pinball machine.

Grown-ups love games too. Make your game room the focal point of your home and stay a kid - at least on the weekends!

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5 Must Haves for Your Home Bar

Home bars have become popular as people look for ways to drink and socialize without having to drive. Statistics show people under 30 prefer to drink at home than anywhere else. No matter where you set up a home bar, there are several items you should include to look like a pro.

Soda Siphon:

Bring on the bubbles! A soda siphon is perfect for topping off a mixed drink. The CO2 cartridges in a soda siphon transform regular water into a bubbly carbonated drink.

Bottle Pourer:

Pour liquor as easily as the bartender in your favorite drinking establishment with a speed or bottle pourer. Your guests will be impressed and you will earn major cred.

Bar Spoon:

This isn’t the same thing as the spoons you keep in your cutlery drawer. A bar spoon is long enough to reach down to the bottom of a tall glass with a small spoon bowl for floating liquors. Fish out cherries and stir and layer drinks with ease when you own one of these.


Release your inner Captain Morgan when your preference is shaken not stirred. Mix drinks with a metal cocktail shaker with a strainer inside. You can find them in many styles and designs to match any home bar atmosphere.

Bar Signs:

And speaking of atmosphere…don’t forget a home bar novelty sign. Choose from It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere or one of many other designs. Or why not let everyone know who is pouring the drinks with a custom personalized sign like “Robert’s Neighborhood Pub”.

Make sure your home bar has all the tools you need and that it showcases your own personal style. The next time everyone chooses to stay in you know where they will be headed.

Why Personalized Signs Make Great Gifts!

Make everyone on your list happy by sending a personalized Christmas gift that shows just how important they are to you! Our selection of unique personalized signs means you can choose the perfect gift for everyone near and dear to your heart. Personalized signs make the perfect gifts for all kinds of occasions, especially Christmas. With the holiday season fast approaching, you can rest easy knowing there is a novelty or custom personalized sign for every person on your list. Fast 1-2 day shipping (after approval of proof) means you can give a unique Christmas gift even at the last minute! Some of the most popular personalized signs include:

Personalized Sports Signs

Football, baseball, hockey, basketball…you name it. Any sports lover would love a sign customized with his or her favorite team.

Bar Signs

What home bar owner wouldn’t be proud to display a custom sign personalized with their name to let guests know their bar is open to serve friends and family?

Looking to add tropical ambiance to your tiki bar? Our personalized tiki bar signs explode with color and rich tropical imagery. There are so many custom and novelty signs to choose from, including “Don’t Tiki Me Off,” “What Happens in the Tiki Stays in the Tiki,” and “Tiki Bar Always Open” showcasing the iconic Big Red Parrot.

Game Room Signs

Personalized signs are great for game rooms. Create a sign with any name, such as “Grandpa’s Billiard Parlor,” next to a cartoon pool shark or “Drew’s Game Room” on a picture of a dart board. Or add a name to a clever saying, like “Jim’s Sports Bar -- Good Times, Good Friends, Cold Beer. We’re Glad You’re Here!”

No more stressing out about what to give friends and family for Christmas. When it’s time to play Santa, check out the wide range of unique signs available at Then sit back, relax, and let everyone else run around shopping for last minute gifts to put under the tree because these Christmas gift ideas will make your family and friends smile on Christmas morning.