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The Best Home Theater Signs for Your Movie Room!

Movie time sign with popcorn, soda, and movie reel design


Bring Hollywood home with a ready-to-ship or personalized movie theater sign. Unique and vibrant, our designs are worth rolling out the red carpet for!


Invite a touch of Hollywood magic to your room with our exclusive home theater signs. We have a vast selection of designs, from modern to retro to Art Deco glamour! They’re great for adding extra magic to family movie nights – just add snacks for that classic movie theater experience. Take a look at our best designs and choose your favorite!


A Star-Studded Event

Bursting with star quality, this jazzy design will elevate your movie room decor! It’s perfect for displaying while you watch the Oscars on TV. Even the biggest Hollywood stars can’t compete with this wow-factor sign.


A Movie Classic

Go old-school with this cinema marquee that features Art Deco styling and a bold color palette. This sophisticated design will impress your VIP guests on movie night. It also makes a fabulous gift for a movie lover or new homeowner.


Your Ticket to Tinseltown

Depicting a director’s chair, clapboard, movie reel, and more, this home theater sign is a blockbuster! Maybe it’ll inspire you to pursue a career in acting or directing? It’ll bring a touch of class to your decor anyway!


The Tasty Choice!

What’s movie night without popcorn and soda? Direct everyone to your homemade concessions stand with this movie snacks sign. The cute characters and bright colors will bring a family-friendly vibe to your movie room.  


Silver Screen Dreams

For something a little different, how about this square-shaped home theater sign? It comes in rich purple with a silhouetted city skyline. A cinema marquee appears in the foreground with searchlights and stars. It’s attention-grabbing and so very glam!


Lights, Camera, Action!

Your decor isn’t complete without this classic movie time sign. It’ll have the whole family flocking to see the latest premiere on your big screen. Hang this sign on your wall and we’re sure you’ll be nominated for Best Director!

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5 Reasons to Buy Personalized Signs from Fun Sign Factory

Custom home theater sign with cinema marquee and flashbulb effect border


We’re committed to producing high-quality, great-value, 100% original wall art. Shop with us for meaningful designs and one-of-a-kind gifts!


Whether you want to give your home personality or you need a unique gift for someone special, a novelty sign is ideal. When it comes to quality, value, and style, our signs outshine the competition! Here’s why Fun Sign Factory is the only place to buy personalized signs.


  1. We offer a huge selection of designs!

Whatever your passion, whatever the occasion, we have a pre-made or personalized sign to suit. You’ll find a wide range of themes, from movies, sports, and beer to family, holidays, and the great outdoors. There’s a sign for every room in the house and outside too – even your vacation home! You can also design a sign if you have a very specific request.  


  1. We use the highest quality materials

Unlike cheap imitations, our designs are printed on durable vinyl with eco-friendly, fade-resistant inks. We then mount the vinyl on weatherproof Komocel and laminate it for extra protection. The result is a premium-looking product that brings years of enjoyment.


  1. We deliver outstanding customer service

We go the extra mile to give you the best possible shopping experience. We’ve been in this business since 2006, and, as a husband-and-wife team, we’re proud to have grown without losing the personal touch. If you need advice or have any questions, just drop us a message and we’ll be there to help!


  1. Our designs are original and simply the best!

Accept no imitations. Our designs are exclusive and guaranteed to make an impression. We pour our hearts and talent into producing unique designs that are bursting with color and character. Why settle for less when you can have the quality and originality of a Fun Sign Factory sign?


  1. We’re always adding new signs to our store

We’re prolific when it comes to designing, so check our store regularly for the latest additions! Pro Tip: The best way to keep-up-to-date (and bag awesome discounts) is by signing up for our newsletter.

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Create a Staycation Paradise in Your Backyard with our Beautiful Beach Signs

Sand sun and sea quote sign with beach and ocean design


Turn your backyard into an island escape with our beautiful beach decor.


Summer is the perfect time to spruce up your backyard, especially if jetting off on vacation is out of the question. With a few decorations and beach signs, you can easily create a staycation paradise for relaxing and entertaining! Maybe you love the serene colors of the coastal trend? Perhaps you prefer vibrant and playful tropical decor? Whatever your taste, we have a beach sign for you.


We’ve taken the tranquil vibes of coastal decor and created a collection of elegant beach quote signs. Featuring soothing colors and sailboat motifs, these signs will encourage you to kick back and relax. This inspirational quote sign has a calming ocean scene, while this coastal wall art has rustic charm. 


To complement your beach signs, choose laid-back decor in breezy colors. A rattan ofa piled with throw pillows looks inviting; mix cool blues with white and natural tones. String lights and hurricane lamps will create a cozy atmosphere on summer evenings. Hang up driftwood art or fill glass jars with seashells for carefree accessorizing.


For those who love bright colors and quirky motifs, we have an exciting collection of tropical beach signs. Inspired by Hawaii, these signs feature palm trees, parrots, tiki totems, and flamingos. This tiki bar sign will bring a splash of color to your outdoor space, while this flamingo quote sign will raise a smile!


When it comes to tropical backyard decor, you can go wild with color and kitsch accessories. Vivid greens, hot pinks, and sunny yellows are the colors to choose, while throw pillows should depict exotic birds and flowers. Turn a corner of your deck into a jungle with a variety of potted and hanging plants. Finally, introduce some fun with pink plastic flamingos, dotted all over your lawn!

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5 Best Luau Party Ideas for a Tropical Time!

Personalized tiki bar sign with beach bar and tiki totem design


From cocktails to costumes, decor to desserts - say Aloha to these Hawaiian party ideas!


If you love a party with a tropical twist, take inspiration from Hawaii. Host a luau, complete with tropical decor, fruity cocktails, and hula hooping contests. Read on to discover the must-haves for your luau party, then grab your grass skirt and invite your ohana!


  1. Grill Some Tasty Kebabs

Make Hawaiian-inspired skewers using meat, fresh vegetables, and fruit such as pineapple. Charred to perfection on the grill, kebabs are easy to eat and absolutely mouthwatering! For dessert, grilled bananas topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and coconut sprinkles will go down a treat.


  1. Get Creative with Your Cocktails

No luau is complete without fruity, boozy cocktails - piña coladas, mai tais, and blue Hawaiians are a must! Serve them in fancy glasses with little paper umbrellas or in coconut shells for a taste of the exotic.


  1. Decorate Your Slice of Paradise

Flower garlands, monstera leaves, tiki torches, and paper lanterns will all bring Hawaiian vibes to your space. For a fabulous finishing touch, display a personalized tiki bar sign or tropical welcome sign to direct guests to the party!


  1. Dress for the Occasion

Encourage your guests to wear their most colorful outfits and give everyone a lei when they arrive. Guys should wear Hawaiian shirts (the louder the better!), board shorts, and flip flops. Ladies should opt for grass skirts, coconut bras (if they’re feeling brave!), and a flower in their hair. Why not give out prizes for the best-dressed guests?


  1. Let the Games Begin!

Challenge your guests to some Hawaiian themed party games, such as hula hooping contests, tug-of-war, blow darts, and limbo contests. And don’t forget to play island-style background music; reggae, ukulele music, and anything by the Beach Boys is ideal!

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3 Patriotic Signs for Your Independence Day Party Decor

Blue background with US flag in corner, patriotic motto, and family name


 Show your American pride with these striking patriotic signs.

They’ll bring red, white, and blue style to your Fourth of July celebrations.


Have you planned your Independence Day festivities yet? If you’re thinking of hosting a party, you’ll need some eye-catching decorations! Our patriotic signs are ideal for every type of celebration, from casual backyard barbecues to dinner parties with extended family. Take a look at our top three personalized patriotic signs below. These stunning designs will make a bigger impact than any Fourth of July fireworks!


  1. Rustic Effect American Flag Sign

Boasting a splash of color against a rustic background, this patriotic sign is something special. In the center is a Stars and Stripes US map, while your family name appears above. If your family has a patriotic motto, we can add that below the flag. This sign is inspirational from its design to its construction; the piece is proudly made in the USA by a veteran.   


  1. Modern Patriotic Welcome Sign

Showcasing contemporary style and a bold red, white, and blue color palette, this patriotic sign is sure to impress. It depicts a rippled US flag across one corner, along with a spirited catchphrase and your family name in prominent letters. Display it on your porch to invite fellow patriots to your home or make it the centerpiece of your party decorations.


  1. Military Seal Patriotic Sign

This design is exclusively for military families, veterans, and those who have lost loved ones in combat. You can request the appropriate US military seal and motto, which will be printed over a faded American flag background. Give this sign pride of place to honor the brave and the fallen during your Independence Day gathering.  

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5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Top Signs for Every Kind of Dad!

Black background with white text reading Dad's Garage
Honor the man, the myth, the legend with an awesome sign from our collection.
We have designs for dads who love beer, sports, cars, and outdoorsy activities!


Father’s Day 2022 is the perfect time to celebrate your dad – and shower him with gifts! Whether he’s your biological father, stepfather, adoptive father, or grandfather, he deserves to be honored. Check out our top signs for dads and choose the one that matches papa’s personality!


  1. Personalized Bar & Grill Sign

This manly design was made for the beer-chugging, food-loving dad! It boasts a slick design in blue, which you can have customized with your dad’s favorite brand of beer. Cool and classy, this sign will make a statement in your dad’s man cave or basement bar.


  1. Football Themed Home Bar Sign

Score extra points this Father’s Day by treating dad to this football themed bar sign. Featuring a wood-effect background and retro styling, it’ll instantly smarten up his sports bar decor. Add your dad’s game-day motto for a personal touch he’ll appreciate!


  1. Dad’s Garage Street Sign

If your dad dabbles in DIY or car restoration, gift him this novelty street sign! In classic black and white, it’ll stand out on the wall or door of his garage. This design also comes in “pop” and “grandpa” to honor the older (and perhaps wiser!) generation of father figures!


  1. Personalized Man Cave Sign

Let your father mark his territory with this fearsome-looking man cave sign. It depicts a growling grizzly bear to scare away intruders – even if your dad is a cuddly teddy bear at heart! The rustic design is ideal for cabins and hunting lodges as well as man caves and dens.


  1. Personalized Fishing Lodge Sign

Your father or grandfather will be “hooked” on this fishing lodge sign! Featuring a fish with a gaping mouth, it’ll bring classic country style to any cabin and inspire your pop to reach for his rod. We’re sure he has a few fisherman’s tales to tell!


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Get Set for Summer with Our Top 5 Backyard Signs!

Personalized backyard sign with man in garden hammock

Our personalized backyard signs are weatherproof and UV-resistant, so they look good through summer and beyond.

Summertime is the best time to spruce up your backyard! Adding a few decorative touches transforms your outdoor area into the place to hang out with family and friends. With that in mind, here are our top five backyard signs, designed to bring color and personality to your garden!


  1. Lazy Man Personalized Backyard Welcome Sign

Make like the guy on this sign and while away a summer afternoon in your hammock! You’ll be inspired to kick back and relax - after filling your belly with tasty BBQ, of course. The vibrant colors and cheery message will make the neighbors feel welcome.


  1. Funny Custom BBQ Rules Sign

Talking of BBQ and the neighbors, you might need to lay down the law when folks come over for food! This custom BBQ rules sign will get your message across, while livening up your patio decor. It features a bunch of hilarious phrases that any grill master can relate to.


  1. Personalized Swimming Pool Welcome Sign

If you really want to make a splash with your backyard decor, choose this swimming pool sign. It depicts an inviting and colorful pool scene you could dive right into! Hang it on your fence to brighten up your garden and welcome guests to your pool party.


  1. Customizable Hot Tub Sign

If hot tub time is more your thing, jazz up your yard with this custom sign. From the cartoon couple to the sassy slogan, the design will raise a few giggles. It’s the perfect accessory for your little oasis. Be inspired to bubble your troubles away!


  1. Family Name Tropical Garden Sign

Who doesn’t dream of an island vacation? With this tropical decor, you can bring the vacation vibes home! Bursting with exotic flowers in joyful colors, this sign will turn your backyard into a beautiful paradise. Grab a cocktail and soak up the sunshine!


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Whimsigothic: How to Achieve This Bewitching New Interiors Trend

Those who reach touch the stars quote on starry night sky background


Channel your inner witch with this spooky-kooky interiors trend! Brimming with luxe textures and celestial motifs, it’s the most magical way to style your home.

Whimsigothic is the spellbinding new interiors trend creating a buzz on TikTok. The look is inspired by a cauldron of aesthetics: A dash of 90s goth, a touch of quirky, and a sprinkling of spooky! If Stevie Nicks is your idol and you adore Tim Burton movies, you’ll fall under the spell of Whimsigothic. Here’s how to achieve the look.


Layer Up Textures

Texture is a key part of the Whimsigothic trend - particularly velvet. Pile velvet pillows on your couch, choosing designs that feature golden embroidery or tassels. Add an embroidered throw, embellish cabinets with crystal doorknobs, and place shimmering ceramics on bookcases for an interesting mix of textures.


Add Rich Colors

The Whimsigothic color palette is all about jewel tones such as teal, sapphire, and amethyst. Gold accents on textiles and accessories lift the moody hues and add a luxurious finish. Pop a teal velvet cushion on your favorite armchair and group gold-colored lanterns on your fireplace for a bewitchingly cozy reading nook.


Pick Magical Motifs

Stars, moons, and suns are characteristic of the Whimsigothic trend. Decorate with hanging stars, stash jewelry on a moon-shaped trinket dish, and snuggle under a blanket featuring a vintage sun motif. Finish with a few celestial wall signs, such as this starry sky design or this dreamy moon quote sign.


Accessorize – A Lot!

With Whimsigothic, more is definitely more! Fill your space with plush velvet and sheer fabrics; crystals and gilded statues; hanging plants and trailing foliage; lanterns and candles (lots of candles!). Don’t forget the power of fragrance – incense will instantly conjure the Whimsigothic vibe and magically transform the mood of your home.

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Spring Cleaning Time! 3 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

Spring cleaning needn’t be a chore!
Achieve a fresh, clean home with our clever hacks.

As the weather gets warmer, it’s time to think about your annual spring clean. Cleaning your house from top to bottom may seem like a challenge, but it’s actually pretty easy – and satisfying! Just follow our top tips for sprucing up your home in a flash.


  1. Preparation is the Key to Success!

Gather all your spring cleaning supplies in advance, to save yourself time and frustration on the day. For a basic cleaning kit, you’ll need microfiber cloths, paper towels, an all-purpose cleaning spray, dusters, a vacuum, a mop, rubber gloves, and trash bags. Store your products in a caddy that you can easily carry from room to room.


Before you even lift a cloth, you should tidy up and declutter. This will give you a clean slate, helping you see where the dirt is lurking. Put away all the flotsam that’s lying around and box up for donation anything you no longer want/need.


  1. Clean Top to Bottom

When cleaning, you should start with the top floor of your house and work down. Likewise, you should clean light fixtures and ceiling fans before tables, floors, and baseboards. You don’t want dirt from above spoiling your freshly-cleaned surfaces!


When it comes to your kitchen and bathroom, there’s an easy way to save valuable scrubbing time. Leave cleaning products to soak into your sink, toilet, and tub; they’ll do the hard work while you tackle other rooms.


Dust furniture, shelves, lamps, electronics, and decor (including your lovely Fun Sign Factory wall signs!). Then, wipe down doors, mirrors, cabinets, and counters, and wash your windows. Finally, vacuum and mop your floors to make them sparkle!


  1. Spruce Up Your Space with Some New Decor

When your house is spick and span, it’s the perfect time to add new decor. We have a great collection of funny household quote signs, that will (hopefully!) encourage the family to keep things clean!

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7 Unique Wall Signs That Make Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 8 this year. It’s a wonderful day to celebrate the mother figure in your life, whether that’s your biological mother, stepmom, mother-in-law, or grandmother. It’s also the perfect gifting occasion, so why not show you care with one of our novelty or personalized signs? Here are our top picks, with a design for every mom!


  1. For Inspirational Moms

This inspirational quote sign makes a beautiful keepsake. The words express your admiration for your mom’s strength as a woman and matriarch. The sign is so elegant, it can be displayed all year round.


  1. For Devoted Moms

Mothers are the backbone of the family. They support, guide, nurture, and love unconditionally. This family quote sign captures that notion in a simple yet stirring phrase. It also features a butterfly design for a pretty touch.  


  1. For Majestic Moms!

Let it be known that your mom rules the household – and looks fabulous while doing so! This queen quote sign will bring glamour to your mom’s decor, with its gold-colored background and crown-topped lettering. It’s a sassy design fit for royalty!


  1. For Homemaking Moms

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and mom feeds her family with love. This charming, personalized kitchen sign has a spoonful of farmhouse style and a sprinkling of tenderness. Gift it to the mother hen in your life!


  1. For Mer-mazing Moms!

With enchanting beauty and unfathomable wisdom, every mom is secretly a mermaid! So why not personalize this gorgeous beach bar sign for your mer-mazing mother? The whimsical design will make a splash among her decor. Don’t be shellfish – treat your mom!


  1. For Green-Thumbed Moms

If your mother loves tending to her flowers, this personalized garden sign is ideal. It’s a beautiful design featuring a watering can and basket of blooms. Add your mom’s name to make it special then hang it on her shed to surprise her.


  1. Don’t Forget Grandma!

This grandma quote sign is so pretty, with a cherry blossom design in feminine colors. Featuring a sweet quote about love and hugs, it’s great for little ones to gift to their grandmas. If your child has a special name for grandma, we can add it to the design.

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