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How to Give Your Home the Coastal Chic Look

beach sign

Coastal home decor never goes out of style. It's a beautifully evocative and wonderfully calming style of interior decoration. It's also super-easy to achieve with just a few accessories and some beach wall art from Fun Sign Factory!

The coastal look is characterized by a chic, muted color palette of soft sandy beige and cool ocean blue. It's inspired by classic New England homes; their white clapboard design is the cornerstone of the coastal look. And the great thing about this style of beach home decor is you can keep it simple and neutral or add quirky touches of character to suit your own taste.

Whitewashed wood furniture should be teamed with lots of texture from hessian fabrics and patterns like ticking stripes. Coastal chic is the perfect way to style your home in summer but it also works for winter; just warm it up with fluffy rugs and chunky knitted blankets tossed casually on the couch.

Accessories-wise, driftwood art, and raw materials rule. Try positioning small boat ornaments on windowsills and perhaps a wooden bird or two. Shells and starfish motifs in cream, white, or gray should be dotted about; use them on fabrics or as decorative accessories placed on coffee tables.

Watercolor paintings of your favorite coastline will make your walls sing, especially if they're awash with blue and gray tones to represent windswept waves. You could create a focal point in the form of a gallery wall by mixing coastal wall art with a handful of wall hangings from our beach sign collection.

Seaside decor has a wonderful soul-soothing vibe that will have you yearning for your next vacation. It also makes any room feel more relaxed and look shipshape!

 Ready to get the coastal look? Then shop our beach themed wall decor!

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You Need to See These Beautiful Personalized Mother's Day Gifts

This year, Mother's Day falls on May 12th. As always, it's a chance for you to pay tribute to the mom who cooks those amazing dinners, goes on shopping trips with you, and always has your back.

Family Sign

If you're looking for something cute to give her, then look no further than our collection of family wall art - our signs are the perfect personalized mother's day gifts! And we've collected the best of the best in one place to make it easy for you to choose.

Our family signs are the gifts that keep on giving. They're a beautiful, lasting keepsake that celebrates the bond you share and something that your mom will always treasure. Plus, they look super-stylish on the wall and will spread love throughout your mom's home!

We have designs to suit all types of mom, from outdoorsy moms who love to tend their garden and explore the great outdoors to wild and fun moms who love a good time with a glass of wine! We have designs for the houseproud mom and the mom with a wacky sense of humor. Our family wall signs are truly unique mothers day gifts whether you're looking for something sentimental and touching or just plain hilarious!

In the unlikely event you don't see anything on our site that grabs you - or you want to create something that's completely unique and personal to your special mom - you can contact us for a custom mothers day gift design. We can work with your ideas to create you a wall sign no other mom will have; names, favorite catchphrases, character details, and representations of hobbies can all be woven into the design!

So shop our collection for the most creative mothers day gifts available!

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Nature Wall Art to Make You Excited for the Great Outdoors

You've survived most of winter! Yay! Go you! You've shaken off the post-Christmas blues, vowed to create a New You, and have even *whisper it* started to mention spring. So now it's time to get back to being yourself after the dull, lifeless month that is January. And if you're a nature-loving type, then that means exploring the Great Outdoors! With that said, it's best to take baby steps when coming out of hibernation; start by adorning your home with our nature wall signs to get some inspiration. Here are our favorites:

Cabin Life Rustic Cabin Sign

For those who love the simple life (time spent cozied up with family in a log cabin by the lake) this design is perfect. It has a beautiful woodland scene in rustic colors, plus a charming slogan that epitomizes the outdoorsy life. Display it in your home office to keep you motivated, or hang it on the wall of your cabin for a country-inspired look.

The Lake is Calling Inspirational Quote Sign

Water has such a magnetic effect on us, doesn't it? It calls to us, inviting us to relax on riverbanks, dive into lakes, and paddle out to sea to satisfy our curiosity. We long to be by the water's edge; to experience total tranquility and freedom. Does all of this sound familiar? Then pin this lake house sign on your wall as a reminder to feed your soul with time out at the lake.

Welcome to our Campsite Camping Sign

Some outdoorsy folks need to get even closer to nature - to feel the grass beneath their feet and camp out under the stars. This campfire sign was designed for those brave explorers who like nothing but the fabric of their tent to come between themselves and the wilderness! It's a cute and comical design that'll brighten up your favorite campsite.

Are you ready to shed your winter skin and zing into spring? It's only just around the corner, so style up your home with our nature signs in preparation!

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Popular Patriotic Signs to Help You Celebrate Presidents Day

Mark the date in your diary: February 18th is Presidents Day this year. So it's time you raised the flag on high, draped your home in star-spangled banners, and bedecked every room in the red, white, and blue!

If you love your country, then make a toast to George Washington, to the honorable leaders who've followed in his footsteps, and to the history of the land of the free itself. To help you celebrate in all-American style, we've listed the best historical-themed and patriotic wall art in our store.

For the love of old-time USA - this Western home decor

Dial it back to the days of gun-slingin', rodeo-winnin' cowboys prior to the classic era of United States politics. This was the pre-Lincoln age of the Gold Rush; a thrilling but often brutal time in America's history when you had to be quick on the draw! Today's America may feel somewhat like the Wild West, but if you long for a simpler time of sheriffs, spurs, and side-saddle riding, this personalized sign will appeal.

For your American action hero - this military wall decor

It's not just the people in power who should be celebrated; the brave men and women who keep our country safe deserve a tribute too. From the police to the armed forces, these uniformed action heroes make America great all the time. We have a selection of patriotic wall decor that can be personalized with military seals and the name of your hero.

For freedom of speech - this funny quote sign

OK, so this one technically isn't so patriotic! It's a light-hearted take on the workings of American politics that'll raise a smile and spark a debate among your guests. With that stars and stripes background, it still flies the flag for the good ole' U.S. of A, showing you have faith in your country, if not in the folks in charge of it!

Putting politics aside, if you feel a swell of pride when you think of your country's ability to endure, then share your thoughts on our Facebook Page.

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3 Love Quote Signs for the Most Romantic Valentine's Ever

It's the most loved-up time of the year, when the stores are filled with all things red and pink and there's a definite air of romance wherever you go. Yep - Valentine's Day is soon to be upon us. So for those of you in blissful coupledom - whether that's a new relationship or decades of marriage - here are our top 3 love quote signs for romantic times.

1. Our Love is Written in the Stars Inspirational Quote Sign


On meeting your perfect partner, did you feel like the universe had a plan for you? Like the stars played a part in bringing you together? That's pretty sweet! So celebrate your stardust-sprinkled relationship with this beautiful love wall art. It tells of a love that outshines the stars, outlasts the cosmos, and radiates light like the moon above. Gift it to your better half or hang it in plain sight to keep your love alive.

2. I Love You Heart Wall Art

The simplest gestures can say so much, which is precisely the sentiment behind this charming inspirational quote sign. It features a hot pink heart with the words "I love you" written across it in elegant lettering. A matching pink border completes the romantic vibe. This love wall quote can be left on display long after February 14th to show how timeless your love really is.

3. Personalized Valentine's Gift Sign

If you're the kind of partner who likes to shout his or her love from the rooftops, then this extravagant but elegant love wall decor will appeal. In scarlet red with a tumbling hearts design, it can be customized with your names, memorable dates, and sweet little catchphrases. It's a gift for the sweetheart who has everything and will make a bold statement on your wall.

Why not show off your Fun Sign Factory Valentine's quote signs on our social pages?

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How to Create a More Beautiful Wall Art Display

How to Create a More Beautiful Wall Art Display

Gallery walls are the new trend that anyone can get on board with! A wall art gallery gives you amazing scope to create a unique display of your favorite pieces and is an easy way to stamp your personality on your walls. It brings a splash of color into your room and gives you a chance to show off your creative skills too. A gallery makes a cute talking point when visitors come over and turns your house into a home.
A gallery wall looks incredible in any room but is particularly effective in social spaces like the living room, kitchen, or dining room. Your wall art display can be as relaxed and eclectic or as formal and coordinated as you like - just be sure to keep the look true to your own style and your home's interior.

How to create your wall art display

To start creating your gallery wall, you're going to need a bunch of wall art (of course) - think personalized signs, family quote signs, and inspirational wall hangings. Mix and match designs that you genuinely love, that have personal meaning, and that look great when grouped together. Interspersing them with cherished framed photos and decorative plates will really make your wall sing!
Spread out your wall decor pieces on the floor, arranging and rearranging them until you're happy with the look. Because the key to this trend is your own personal taste, you literally have free reign on what goes on your walls! You can also switch up the display according to the seasons, to new trends that inspire you, when you have a change of heart... it's versatile, adaptable decor for the modern home.
And the best thing about this trend? Anything goes!

Have you made your own gallery wall using Fun Sign Factory signs? We'd love to see your handiwork - show and tell on our social pages!

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You'll Love These 7 Exciting, Inspirational Wall Art Ideas!

January is the time of year when our thoughts turn to fresh starts, self-improvement, and home improvements. It's a chance to become a better you - and try out a few new home decor ideas too! With that in mind, here are 7 inspirational wall art designs to freshen up your attitude and your room.

1. New Beginnings
This motivational wall art will inspire you to leave the past behind and start anew in 2019. The quote will keep you focused and the gorgeous forest scene will breathe life into a tired-looking living room
2. Positive Vibes
A mantra for your family or a thoughtful home decor gift? This inspirational quote sign is a wish for health and happiness throughout the coming year. The design is elegant and the message effective; display these daily affirmations in your entrance hallway
3. Don't Worry - Beach Happy!
Inspirational wall hangings like this beachy design are guaranteed to fill your home with sunshine vibes! It's a reminder that yes, life will throw some curveballs at you, but you have the strength to adapt and keep on sailing!
4. Embrace Mindfulness
This is surely the most glamorous inspirational sayings wall decor! It combines a fabulous gold-colored background with a quote to help you focus on the here-and-now. Display it by your vanity mirror, recite the lines to yourself, and go make the most of today!
5. Self-Care is in Style
Emotional wellness is just as important as physical health, and this inspirational wall plaque will help you remember that! It's a beautiful, whimsical design of dandelions and butterflies, adorned with wise words everyone needs to heed
6. Focus on Family
Family quote signs are home accessories that never date. They keep you grounded and are a great way to demonstrate your love for every member of your tribe! This pretty design combines fresh green, a colorful butterfly, and a heartfelt phrase
7. Three Little Words
Live laugh love wall decor is a forever-stylish way to beautify your home and boost your mood! This rustic-look design features empowering words to help your personality shine. Dream, dance, sing, play - just do whatever it is that makes you happy!

Got your own personal mantra you'd like to hang on your wall? Get in touch to commission your very own custom sign!

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Deck Your Halls with Our Holly Jolly Holiday Wall Art!

In case you missed the memo, Christmas is just around the corner. Yikes! So it's time to turn your attention to your home decor and start sprucing up your rooms ready for guests. After all, Santa deserves a warm welcome when he drops down your chimney, right?

So to save you from stressing out over what Christmas wall decor to buy, we've compiled a wishlist of the best designs from our holiday signs collection. Naughty or nice, glamorous or goofy, classy or cartoonish... whatever your personal holiday home style, we've got more Christmas cheer than the elves' office party at the North Pole.

On the naughty list...

Christmas Sign

Speaking of elves, check out this wacky design! It's a fun-filled riot of festive color, featuring an elf family frolicking in the snow. It's totally customizable, so no elf gets left on the shelf - you can add all your family's names, choose how many family members, and even add your pets! It's the cutest way to welcome guests when they come over for eggnog.

And for you and your spouse or your favorite Christmas-loving couple, how about this snowman wall art? It's a bright and cheery holiday sign of Snowman holding hands beside a cozy cabin and snow-covered trees. The fun design will make guests feel warm and fuzzy when they step in out of the cold.

On the nice list...

xmas sign

Fabulously festive and incredibly stylish, this personalized Christmas sign will make your space that much more luxurious. It has a warm sentiment against an icy blue backdrop with a little village scene for a touch of old-world charm. Add your family name for the perfect ho-ho-home welcome sign.

If your festive decor scheme is more contemporary blue-and-silver than traditional red-and-green, you'll adore this happy holidays sign. It depicts a Christmas tree made of starbursts and elegant font that spells out your family name. Give it pride of place over your mantel to complement your sparkling seasonal scheme.

What's your seasonal decor style? Let us know on social!


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3 Beautiful Hanukkah Door Decorations to Warmly Welcome Guests

Hanukkah is a wonderful time for gathering with family and friends to feast and celebrate. And decorating your home with elegant wall art and door signs will ensure everyone feels welcome! Whether you prefer the traditional colors of blue, white, and silver or something more contemporary, we have a happy Hanukkah sign for you.

Take a look at the 3 gorgeous designs below, handpicked from our holiday signs collection! Each one showcases a different style, so you're sure to find one that suits your personal taste and home decor.

All these signs can be displayed inside the home or outside on the porch, so they make perfect Hanukkah door decorations.

1. Simple and Traditional

Chanukah Sign

Depicting the alternative spelling of this festival against a bright blue background, our Happy Chanukah sign will add simple style to your home. A neatly-drawn Menorah completes the design. Display it on your front door to extend your warmest blessings to all visitors, no matter their faith.

2. Elegant and Personalized

With its gold-colored backdrop and glow-effect Menorah, this custom Chanukah decor embodies the spirit of the Festival of Lights! We'll add your family name and message to the design to make a one of a kind welcome sign for your front gate or entrance hall.

3. Cute and Contemporary

This charming design is sure to appeal to younger family members. It's a Happy Hanukkah sign adorned with vibrant, patterned Menorah candles and the Star of David in each corner. The modern look of this holiday sign will add seasonal cheer and a splash of bright color to your Hanukkah decorations!

Which of our Hanukkah and Chanukah signs best suits your home style? Tell us your favorite on our Facebook page!

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Promo Alert! 10% off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Fun sign factory discount code

Brace yourselves buyers: Black Friday FOMO and Cyber Monday Madness are almost upon us. 'Tis the season of psycho shoppers and unbalanced bargain-hunters; normally gracious, patient people who've been taken over by the desire for a deal, thus turning your weekend shopping trip into the mall scene from Dawn of the Dead.

If you've been planning on sprucing up your home for the new season, don't be tempted to join the lines of eager (OK, over-zealous) folks outside the mall. With Fun Sign Factory's online one-stop shop of awesome wall art and custom signs, you can beat the crush, avoid the rush, and make your home look plush!
Through Black Friday to Cyber Monday, we're generously giving you a whopping 10% off all your purchases. Because affordable wall art is what we're all about. So be a savvy shopper and make a note of the coupon code "CYBER18" this is the perfect time to bag a bargain or three to refresh your rooms.

Shopping online with us for your new wall decor means no waiting in 100-mile-long lines, no brawling in department store aisles, and no experiencing the Empty Shelves of Disappointment. You won't have to settle for the last sad-looking thing in the store because all the good stuff had gone by the time you'd elbowed your way through the door. You'll be sitting at home, smugly adding items to your cart while other shoppers scrap it out. Heck, you can even slip into your pajamas and grab a glass of wine while you browse. Go ahead, we won't judge. Because after all, shopping should be a peaceful pleasure, not a migraine-inducing battle.

Thanks to our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal, you can get ahead with your Christmas gift-buying or maybe even treat yourself to that new welcome sign you've been coveting all year. All at 10% off. Sound like your kind of shopping experience? We thought so. Now grab the code that's gonna transform your abode!

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